Better Lives and Molly's Network visiting
a partner in Dar es Salaam

Development Partners work with organisations across all sectors, including the non-profit sector. Many have a range of non-profit partners, from large INGOs to small community based organisations, and several have specific funds for smaller organisations.  Like any donor, they need to identify effective organisations that will use their resources wisely and are the relevant size for the advertised fund.  Often they need to do this without a large internal support team.

The majority of trusts and foundations that support initiatives in Tanzania are based outside the country, and most are based outside Africa.  Whilst the large trusts and foundations may have regional or national staff, the smaller ones often rely on occasional visits to their supported projects by their staff, trustees, and volunteers.  Some rely on written reports and distance feedback alone.

Both development partners and trusts and foundations can find it difficult to identify the most appropriate and effective organisations to partner with due to limited staffing (especially for trusts and foundations that do not have personnel 'on the ground' and/or a comprehensive knowledge of Tanzania). Once they have created a partnership with a local organisation, it can be hard to stay up to date with their progress from so far away, especially as local organisations often struggle to write detailed reports.

How can we help?

Molly's Network supports trusts and foundations in the following ways:

1. Making connections with Molly's Accredited members, Almost-Accredited members and our High Potential members.  We recommend that development partners and trusts and foundations seeking small, local non-profits consider these organisations as ones to support.  They are effective, efficient, and doing important work in their communities.  As local organisations they are also rarely able to connect to opportunities and funding outside their immediate community.  We are happy to circulate relevant application forms to our network, make personalised introductions, and/or provide detailed information on all our Accredited and High Potential members.

2. Conducting monitoring visits.  We visit projects and organisations on behalf of trusts and foundations, and report on the organisation's progress using either the trust and foundation's template or our own reporting template.  We also report via Skype meetings and in person when delegates from the trust and foundation are in country.  Through being 'on the ground' Molly's Network has an excellent understanding of the cultural context the organisations are working in and can advise the trust and foundation on the project's development.  Being 'on the ground' also helps us to have easier oversight and troubleshoot any problems immediately, as well as saving the trusts and foundations the significant costs of more regular travel to Tanzania.  (We find that almost all trusts and foundations want to come to Tanzania to see the projects for themselves, as they should!, but that our services can complement their visits and enable more regular updates).