Sandvik employees visit their Molly's Network partner
organisation, Kigamboni Community Centre (KCC).
KCC is a High Potential organisation.

More and more businesses are recognising that philanthropic initiatives are attractive to consumers, keep their employees engaged, and make a real difference to the communities and individuals they choose to support.  'Corporate Social Responsibility' (CSR) is on the rise in Tanzania and globally.

However, it can be a difficult to find organisations to support that will achieve a real impact with your donation.  Especially if you want your donation to make a significant difference and not be a drop in the ocean, and are therefore looking to support small, local organisations that are 'off the beaten track'.

It can also be difficult to find a partner organisation that appeals to your employees and provides opportunities for them to volunteer in their areas of interest and/or use their skill sets.

Once a company has engaged an organisation to support, it can then be difficult to monitor progress and impact, and ensure that funds are used.

How can we help?

Molly's Network supports private sector companies with their corporate social responsibility through:

  1. Connecting companies with Molly's Accredited members.  We recommend these Accredited NGOs to companies who wish to invest directly.  Molly's Network has accredited these organisations and you can be certain that they will use your funds wisely.  We are happy to provide detailed information on all our Accredited members.
  2. Enabling companies to make a tangible impact by strengthening a small, local organisation(s).  Molly's Network has a list of 'Almost-Accredited' and 'High Potential' members: organisations that are doing important work well, but need some additional support to reach accreditation levels of effectiveness and efficiency.  Companies work in partnership with Molly's Network to fund the support these organisations need to improve.  In this instance, we take the responsibility for managing the grant, meaning you know your donation will be managed well.
  3. Identifying a charitable organisation in the company's geographic and thematic area of interest, conduct an independent assessment, and advise the company on how their funding can best be used to make a real difference.  When we do this, we like to identify a few different potential charitable organisations and then make a presentation to the staff team so that they can vote on their favourite.
  4. Monitor existing CSR projects to assess how the activities are progressing. We can also offer evaluations and more in-depth impact assessments, which will verify whether the project's deliverables are being met.
  5. Development of a CSR strategy. We can support businesses to develop a CSR strategy which is aligned to the company agenda whilst responding to a clear national development priority. This ensures that funds are being spent strategically and in relation to a comunity need.
  6. Engaging employees.  Employees in private sector companies often have valuable skills that could support local NGOs in their development, or they may wish to donate time to supporting the organisation in a team-building activity.  Molly's Network matches companies seeking to do this with non-profits that would gain the greatest benefit from the support.