Molly's Network facilitating a workshop for Children
in Crossfire's local partners

Increasingly donors are seeking to fund work conducted by local and national organisations. However, many still recognise that international NGOs (INGOs) have additional experience and skills, and can be better equipped to manage large projects and grants.  When this is the case, donors often request that INGOs work in partnership with small, local organisations to deliver the projects, with the effect of INGOs becoming a quasi-donor themselves.

In this situation the INGOs themselves need to find highly effective and efficient local partners that can deliver the project and successfully meet the donors' requirements.  It can be a challenge both to find such partners and to support them in developing any additional skills and knowledge needed to meet the project's needs.

Due to the nature of the donor-INGO-local partner relationship, concerns about whether the local partner is meeting the project requirements takes precedence over the local partner's internal capacity.  Whilst many INGOs do recognise the value of 'building the organisational capacity' of their local partners, (not just to meet their own donor requirements, but also to ensure the long-term sustainability of the programme, the community, and ultimately Tanzania), they lack the time and human resources to give this their full attention.

How can we help?

Molly's Network supports INGOs in the following ways:

  1. Assessing local partners for the INGO.  These assessments enable the INGOs to identify where their local partners require additional support and training, and can either be for the INGO's existing local partners or potential local partners.  From our experience, local organisations are more open in their discussions with Molly's Network than with their INGO partners, as they see us as separate from their donor funds.
  2. Providing targeted capacity building for local organisations.  We are experts in supporting local organisations develop individualised capacity building plans that support them develop in their weaker areas (those that have been highlighted by our assessment process).  We have a network of extremely experienced national and international consultants that we draw on to support the delivery of the capacity building plans.
  3. Connecting INGOs with Molly's Accredited members and our High Potential members.  We recommend that INGOs seeking small, local partners consider these organisations as a viable option.  We are happy to provide detailed information on all our Accredited and High Potential members.