Accredited Members are organisations that are doing important work, and are operating effectively and efficiently.  They are organisations that have impressed Molly's Network with their programmes and systems, and that we recommend donors and partners consider working with directly.  We are happy to provide a reference for these organisations and further information on our experience working with them.  Find out what characteristics Accredited Members have here.

Railway Children Africa

Accreditation Date: November 2017

Location: Mwanza

Railway Children Africa (RCA) fight for vulnerable children who live alone at risk on the streets, where they suffer abuse and exploitation.

RCA want to help children move away from the dangers of the streets and when possible and in the best interests of the child, return them back to their families and education. RCA want to change their lives for good, in every sense and want to help all children who are at risk of running away in Kenya and Tanzania, not just those that the outreach workers meet today.

RCA believe they can do this by raising awareness and changing the way children are perceived by communities and governments, as well helping children who are currently in desperate need. RCA race to reach children as soon as they arrive on the streets and intervene before an abuser can. Our pioneering work enables them to get to street children before the streets get to them.

Contact at Railway Children Africa: Pete Kent, Regional Director |  +255 028 - 2542489 |

Wake Up and Support Others

Accreditation Date: November 2017

Location: Dar es Salaam

WASO seeks to contribute to the government's efforts of scaling up access to health services for key and vulnerable populations (KVP). From 2015 to date, WASO has been implementing a 5-Year USAID-funded HIV/AIDS prevention combination program for KVP in two districts in Dar es Salaam. Under this program, WASO provides: 1) Biomedical support: HIV counselling and testing; family planning methods; syphilis and STI screening and testing; post prophylaxis treatment-PPT and gender based violence screening. Also, 2) Social Behavior Change and Communication: Demand Creation for KVP and their children to access health services; demand creation for men (aged 25-35) to access HIV tests; condom promotion and distribution to KVP and referral provision for KVP to access advanced health services.

Contact at Wake Up and Support Others:  Ally Mboko Semsella, Executive Director |  +255 766 060 580 |

Enhancing Access to Health for Poverty Reduction in Tanzania

Accreditation Date: November 2017

Location: Mwanza

EAHP Tanzania works to build community capacities to have access to health information and services as a means to increase their participation and engagement in development activities and hence poverty reduction in Tanzania.

The organization was officially registered in 2010 and has a mandate to operate in the whole country. Their mission is to work 'with and through' Tanzanian communities to raise awareness on primary health care, basic human rights and advocate gender mainstreaming in access to health as a capital investment for development. 

Contact at Enhancing Access to Health for Poverty Reduction: Edna Kingazi Matasha, Executive Director & Founder |  +255 282 500 007 |

The Foundation For Tomorrow

Children learning under the TFFT scholarship scheme

Accreditation Date: April 2017

Location: Arusha

The Foundation For Tomorrow contributes to breaking the cycle of childhood vulnerability in Tanzania through providing scholarships to most vulnerable children, working with their families to improve their livelihoods, engaging systematically with key actors in the education and social welfare sectors, supporting schools to become child-safe, and training their teachers and school leaders for improved pedagogy and practice in the classroom.

The main office is in Arusha City, Tanzania, however, the scholars come from different areas in the Northern region of Tanzania.


Contact at The Foundation For Tomorrow:  Melissa F. Queyquep, Country Director | |

Nipe Fagio

Accreditation Date: April 2017

Location: Dar es Salaam

Nipe Fagio – 'pass me the broom' in Swahili - is a community based initiative focused on waste management and pollution education, as well as facilitating and promoting urban resilience initiatives in Tanzania. Our vision is quite simply - a cleaner, healthier and safer city. Our objective is to educate and empower individuals, scholars and students, civil society, the private sector and government, to take action toward this shared vision and ‘be the change’.

Nipe Fagio has been raising awareness and facilitating behaviour change around liquid and solid waste issues and air pollution, in Dar es Salaam since 2012. They have been doing this via cross cutting outreach programmes, all facilitated by Youth Ambassadors from the Youth Empowerment programme.

They have built relationships with key stakeholders from government bodies, local and international donors and policymakers, as well as many corporates and entrepreneurs and other local environmental initiatives.   

Contact at Nipe Fagio: Tania Hamilton, Founder and Director | +255 767 708088 | |

Malaika Kids Tanzania

Accreditation Date: April 2017

Location: Dar es Salaam

Malaika Kids seeks to give some of the most vulnerable children in Tanzania a sustainable future. They may have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS or other diseases, or left homeless due to poverty or disability. Malaika Kids provide support through two programmes: our Relatives Support Programme for children fostered with relatives and the Children’s Village in Mkuranga.

They want children to have a stable upbringing and, where possible, children are reunited with wider family members, willing and able to foster them, with assistance from the Relatives Support Programme. The physical, psychological and educational welfare of the child is regularly monitored. Malaika Kids believe that children thrive best in a family setting.

Where there are no relatives, the children move to the Children’s Village where they grow up in family groups within a local community. Ten children, varying in age between 1 to 18 years, live in a house with a ‘mother’ who raises them. In this way, a family environment is recreated whereby the older children can help the younger ones. They encourage a family bond to develop and the welfare of these children is the primary concern.

Contact at Malaika Kids: Najma Manji, Executive Director | |

ATD Fourth World

ATD Street Library in Tandale

Accreditation Date: March 2014 (expires March 2016)

Re-assessed Date: May 2016 (expires May 2018)

Location: Dar es Salaam

ATD (All Together in Dignity) Fourth World is a registered NGO working in Tanzania since 1999.  It was founded on the conviction that it is the duty of humanity to bring an end to injustice of people who suffer the humiliation of living in extreme poverty.  At the heart of everything they do is the thinking and knowledge of the poorest people who are often ignored by development initiatives; initiatives which neglect those hardest to reach.  The wisdom and aspirations of people living in extreme poverty are essential to ensure projects are fully inclusive and sustainable.

They empower people to build stronger communities from their own initiatives, to stand up and ensure each person's voice and opinions are listened to and given equal value.  They seek to guarantee all citizens are able to fulfil their responsibilities and access their basic human rights, with a human centred approach confirming each person's right to living in peace and with dignity.

ATD works in three areas of Dar es Salaam: the Magogoni fish market, the Kunduchi stone quarry, and Tandale. They are well known in these communities through the long-term relationships they build, based on trust and real partnership.  Their activities include adult literacy classes, birth certificate registration, supporting children to attend school, skill sharing with teenage mothers, and a street library.  Each year they organise an event to commemorate the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

Contact at ATD Fourth World: Robert Jordan (Director) +255 (0)689 581 122 or Hamisi Mpana +255 (0)717 308 576| or | 

Maarifa ni Ufunguo

Working with pastoralist communities

Accreditation Date: March 2014 (expires March 2016)

Re-Assessed in: September 2016 (expires September 2018)

Location: Arusha

Maarifa ni Ufunguo (‘Knowledge is the Key’) was formed in 1999 with the aim of advocating for equitable, accessible, affordable, good quality education for all.  Maarifa believes that good quality education is the best and most reliable means for an individual’s development, and focuses on the poor and marginalised in Arusha, Kilimanjaro and Manyara. 

The organisation grew out a meeting when education stakeholders convened to discuss concerns around education, including a lack of motivation amongst education professionals.  They developed a good reputation with strengths in research, policy analysis and advocacy. 

Between 2007-2013 Maarifa implemented a girls education programme managed by Action Aid and funded by Comic Relief.  Maarifa ni Ufunguo's primary focus in their current strategic period is on Early Childhood Development, especially those that are typically marginalised (including girls and pastoralist communities).

Contact at Maarifa ni Ufunguo: Dunstan Kishekya, Executive Director | | +255 (0)752 611 718 | 


Training programme in Lindi

Accreditation Date: March 2015 (expires March 2017)

Re-assessed in: November 2017 (expires November 2019)

Location: Mwanza

Bridge2Aid was formed in 2004 and is a legally registered charity in Tanzania. The ultimate goal is to provide training in emergency dental care for Health Care Workers of all remote rural communities in developing countries. Their vision is a world free from dental pain. In the past ten years Bridge2Aid has demonstrated success both in Tanzania and Rwanda, making access to life changing treatment available to more than 3 million people.

Bridge2Aid trains rural-based Health Workers providing them with the skills, equipment and resources that they will need to provide dental emergency care. The training to local Health Care Workers is provided by volunteers from the UK and elsewhere who willingly use their skills and experience to help those in need. The programme consists of training Health Workers to diagnose dental conditions, administer local anaesthetic, extract teeth and provide post operative management.  

Contact at Bridge2Aid: Ian Stephens, Executive Director | | | +255 282 500732

Foundation Karibu Tanzania

One of FKT's beneficiaries

Accreditation date: March 2016 - (expires March 2018)

Location: Mwanza

Foundation Karibu Tanzania (FKT) envisions a society in which every child is safe at home and enjoys their fundamental rights. It is FKT’s aim to support children who have experienced domestic violence and to prevent more cases from occurring. Hence FKT opened a Rescue Centre for domestically abused children where we provide them with the necessary medical and psychological care until they have recovered. In cases of willing abusers, FKT provides counselling for the guardians, during which they are told about the fundamental rights the child has, in order to reintegrate the children within their reformed family. To ensure that the children continue to grow up in a safe environment after they have been reintegrated, we implement regular follow ups.

FKT are convinced that awareness raising activities are part of the preventative measures that have to be taken to eradicate child domestic violence (CDV). Under the ‘awareness raising and education’ program, FKT creates awareness in communities by starting FKT’s ‘Breaking the Silence/ Denouncing the Violence’ Campaign and by informing communities about the profound impact CDV may have on the emotional and physical health of a child. This program area aids in enhancing the communities knowledge to combat and prevent CDV.

Contacts at Foundation Karibu Tanzania: Benard Makachia, Executive Director | | +255 (0)757 156 338 |

Open Mind Tanzania

Youth Entrepreneurship Forum in Dar es Salaam

Accreditation date: March 2015 - (expires March 2017)

Re-assessed in: November 2017 - (expires November 2019)

Location: Dar es Salaam

Open Mind Tanzania (OMT) is a registered NGO managed by a team of motivated young professionals who are determined to see changes in the economic and social status of the Tanzanian public (especially the youth). Since June 2006, OMT has been fighting to make Tanzanians able to identify and use present legal opportunities to achieve moral, social and economic development.

OMT believes that the world can be changed for the better if each person fights towards alleviating poverty, protecting human rights and achieving health in body and spirit. They believe in a realistic approach that a starving person must be given both food and hoe; therefore commiting themselves to achieving sustainable changes. OMT works with youth in the following areas: employment, entreprenership and innovation; career guidance and counselling; legal assistance; training, research and consultancy.

Contacts at Open Mind Tanzania: Dominic Ndunguru, Executive Director | |  +255 22 2773254 |

Tanzania Home Economics Association Mwanza

TAHEA's outreach project

Accreditation Date: March 2016 (expires March 2018)

Location: Mwanza

Tanzania Home Economics Association (TAHEA) Mwanza facilitates development processes with resource poor families and communities, supporting them to utilize their potential to improve their living standards socially and economically.

TAHEA Mwanza works in 6 districts namely Ilemela, Nyamagana, Missungwi, Ukerewe, Sengerema and Geita district.  The primary beneficiaries are resource poor communities who due to over fishing, mining and poor rainful distribution that is affecting agriculture are losing their traditional livelihood assets.

Contact at TAHEA:  Asia K. Kapande (Regional Coordinator) | +255 754 579 289 |


Read International, locally registered as Realizing Education for Development (READ)

School children reading the newly received books from READ

Accreditation Date: September 2016 (expires September 2018)

Location: Dar es Salaam

READ works with the Tanzanian Government and other key education stakeholders to improve the quality of education in public schools with a key focus on improving access to education resources and supporting young people with capacity and skills development.

READ has created 95 new fully furnished libraries and equipped them with locally published books. They have donated more than 1,515,000 million books to more than 1,000 schools in Tanzania mainland and reached more than 800,000 students, while empowered more than 1,000 university student volunteers.

The organisation has expanded its programmes by implementing the teacher’s professional development skills projects and student centre's literacy learning projects. Currently they have supported 22 schools, empowered 483 teachers on competence based teaching methodologies and literacy teaching techniques, while 840 students have attended student led reading clubs and been strengthened in reading skills.

Contact at READ:   Magdalena George (Executive Director) | | |  +255 712 640070  

Childhood Development Trust Fund Network

Child Protection Workshop with all CDTFN staff

Accreditation Date: September 2016 (expires September 2018)

Location: Morogoro

Childhood Development Trust Fund Network (CDTFN) is a well established NGO working in Morogoro to increase access to education, alleviate poverty, take care of the elderly and promote the integration of early childhood development.

CDTFN has been operating a day care centre since 1997, known as the Zawadi Day Care Centre and this enrolls the most needy children in the community. Since 2005, the organisation has been supporting orphaned children with scholastic materials, mattresses, mosquito nets and bed sheets. It has a similar outreach programme with the elderly and is currently supporting 65 individuals with their social-economic needs (such as providing mattresses, mosquito nets and bed sheets). The organisation addresses poverty alleviation by providing entrepreneurship seminars and soft loans to facilitate small business growth. In partnership with Children in Crossfire, CDTFN has been using the integrated early childhood development model to build the capacity of community members. CDTFN strongly believes that by developing capacity, communities will participate in the daily upbringing of their children.

Contact at CDTFN: Felistas Leonard Kalomo, Executive Director |  |  |  +255 657 773 147