Molly’s Network is specifically for small, local organisations.  In order to be  member of the Network, you must be registered in Tanzania and be a not-for-profit organisation.

We exist to serve our member organisations and to support them in their development.  


What our Accredited members get from joining

Accredited organisations are organisations that are doing important and valuable work that is needed in their community and are operating effectively and efficiently.  Our criteria are stringent and only the most exceptional organisations will be Accredited.  You can find out what we look for with our Accredited organisations here.  

We provide the following services to those members that are accredited by 'Molly's Accreditation', an independent assessment process:

  • Publicity on our website and through our connections
  • The opportunity proudly to display 'Molly's Accreditation' logo on all your project materials so that donors will know you are a credible organisation
  • A summary report you can share with donors and partners that explains why you have been accredited and gives an independent report on your strengths as an organisation
  • An understanding of your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses, and what is needed for you to become stronger and more effective
  • Access to our Members' Only website section, which provides free Learning Modules and access to our Members' Only Facebook group
  • Invitation to regular network meetings to share and learn with each other
  • A key priority of Molly's Network is to connect our Accredited organisations to donors, partners and other opportunities.  We cannot guarantee that we are always able to do this, but we have a successful track record and as a core strategic objective, we will always commit our time and efforts to this.


What our High Potential members get from joining

Organisations that are doing excellent work but do not quite meet our Accreditation standards we call high potential.    

We aim to support high potential organisations in the next stage of their development.  In order to achieve this we offer the following services (these are not compulsory for organisations that are assessed as high potential, and they are dependent on Molly's Network's own fundraising):

  • Access to mentoring and support in areas you would like to improve; from peers and qualified volunteers
  • Regular meetings with Molly’s Network to provide support against your annual target plans
  • Potential financial support in line with your annual target plan, channeled through Molly’s Network. This is not guaranteed. Molly's Network does not have our own source of funds, and so any funding depends on the generosity of our partner

What we ask from our members

It is really important to the Network that our members (Accredited and Amber) are committed and have a good team spirit!  We believe that we can all learn a huge amount from each other, and in order to make the most of the network, members also need to contribute something to it.  However, we are also aware that members are often over-burdened with existing workloads, so it is important that this is realistic.

For High Potential members, working out what expertise you can offer the network will form part of the annual target plan.  For Accredited members, Molly’s Network will have a discussion with you after the assessment.

The type of input from members includes:

  • Peer support to other organisations in areas of expertise
  • Contributions to the quarterly online magazines
  • Display of the Molly's Accreditation logo! (Accredited members)
  • Recommending other local organisations you know who might benefit from being part of the network
  • A commitment to the annual target plan, which will be formalised with a Memorandum of Understanding (Amber members) 


How can we join Molly's Network?

At Molly’s Network we are absolutely committed to ensuring we are able to provide the support we promise to our members.  This means that sometimes we have a waiting list of organisations that want to be assessed, but we will always respond to let you know when we will be able to conduct your assessment.

The accreditation scheme and membership of Molly’s Network has a small nominal fee attached, however, the potential benefits of joining the Network can be huge.

Before you decide to join, we recommend you read our Assessment and Member Organisation policy, which will help give more information on the process.

The first step in joining is to fill in our online application form.  We look forward to hearing from you!