'Rope of Scope' feedback on model at Molly's
Members' Meeting, September 2013

Molly's Network is often asked how we have developed our accreditation model and assessment tools: who we have consulted and what expertise has fed into the process.  On this webpage we have documented the process ‘so far’, because we are passionate about leading by example in transparency and proud of how we have developed our tools.  'So far'  because we want to continue to learn and develop, and in that spirit we welcome any feedback that you may have.

Molly's Network designed our initial assessment process in 2011, based largely on tools from a similar organisation in the Philippines.  Assessments were conducted by one Molly's Network staff member, and the decision of whether to 'accredit' an organisation or not was dependent on their performance against a number of 'yes' and 'no' checklist questions.  The majority of questions represented the minimum legal requirement for charitable organisations in Tanzania.  Between 2011 and 2013, Molly's Network conducted assessments of 70 organisations, and of those 'accredited' 44.

In July 2013, Molly's Network reviewed the initial two years of assessments to identify which areas of the process worked, and which areas could be made stronger. This review involved consultation with partners, donors and those organisations we had assessed.  We concluded that the assessment rationale was still relevant but that the current tools were not meeting all these requirements. Overall: we decided that:

  1. The assessment process needed to be a lot more rigorous to provide the level of detail that could help an  organisation to develop, 
  2. To be relevant to donors and partners, Molly's accreditation stamp should not be based on a checklist of legal minimum requirements alone,  
  3. It would be beneficial to support organisations not quite at accreditation standard but with a lot of potential to help the sector develop.

In October 2013 we entered into partnership with the Good Governance Group Foundation (G3F).  G3F draws upon the expertise of their sponsor and founding company, G3 Good Governance Group Limited, a leading emerging markets advisory firm, which, through G3F, donates staff time and other resources to benefit communities around the world.

The G3 team brought to the table its knowledge of corporate compliance standards and systems and anti-bribery and corruption law, plus situational awareness from long experience of advising companies operating in Tanzania.  Together, they worked with us to review our existing assessment processes and procedures, focussing in particular on how Molly's Network could:

  1. demonstrate rigour in the assessment process, and base objective decisions on a reproducible, standardised and transparent criteria for gathering evidence; 
  2. build in specialist expertise from the network of assessors, and be clear on when subjective assessments are being used, and how these feed into the process; and
  3. support the assessment panel to ensure their decisions are not prone to bias.

Molly's Network has developed its first strategic plan for the years 2015 - 2018. The plan details our vision, mission and strategic objectives and you are welcome to download it below!