What is Molly's Network?

Molly's Network’s vision is that there is an active sector of local non-profit organisations in Tanzania that meet local and national needs.

We believe that local people have the best understanding of the needs in their communities, and are often best placed to identify how to meet these needs.  They are passionate about development, innovative and results-focused in their approaches, and committed to the long-term. 

However, they are also often disconnected from opportunities, poorly resourced, and lack skills and knowledge in organisational leadership and development.

Molly’s Network seeks to support these people and their organisations to be the best that they can be through 'Molly's Accreditation' and our complementary capacity building model.

Why Molly's Network?

There are thousands of non-profits operating in Tanzania, ranging from small one-man social businesses to international NGOs.  With the rapid increase in the sector’s growth and their significant influence on the economy and public policy, there is a greater call for accountability from donors.  Local organisations are often overlooked in favour of more established groups who demonstrate accountability more easily and speak the same jargon.

The need for a charity accreditation scheme in Tanzania was first realised by the founder, (Paul Joynson-Hicks). when he wanted to donate to small, local organisations through the Dar es Salaam Goat Races (one of Tanzania’s largest fundraising events), and was unable to identify credible small-scale organisations that were not on the standard circuit.  He got together an advisory group consisting of NGO and donor experts, and the idea of Molly’s Accreditation was born. 

Since then we have met with numerous interested parties including: corporate partners in Tanzania and overseas; development partners; small-scale local organizations; and trusts and foundations, and their advice has helped shape who we are today. 

We have researched existing accreditation models and learned from others: from government endorsed accreditation schemes (e.g. AusAID and The Philippine Council for NGO Certification); non-profit independent accreditation schemes (e.g. The DZI Donation Seal in Germany and ForeignAid.com in the USA); and private sector accreditation schemes (e.g. the Rainforest Alliance).  These models consistently cite the main benefits as: increased public trust; improved governance; management and operation; and donor access. 

As a result, we created the first rigorous, independent accreditation scheme in Tanzania.  After two years of operation, we have expanded our model to provide capacity building to organisations that show great promise, but do not quite meet the accreditation standards.

Our Name

Molly's Network is named after Molly Joynson-Hicks, daughter of Paul and Catharine Joynson-Hicks.  Molly died in an accident at the age of two, and Paul and Catharine were inspired by this tragedy to make more of a difference.  They founded Molly’s Network as a result in 2010.

Molly's Network is our registered name that we use to describe our overall work.

Molly's Accreditation is governed by the same registered company, but is an independent assessment process managed by an independent Assessment Panel.