Almost-Accredited Members are organisations that are doing important work, and are operating effectively and efficiently, but are not quite meeting all of our Accreditation criteria.  They are organisations that Molly's Network's Assessment Panel believes have the necessary potential and attitude to meet Accreditation criteria in 6-12 months.  During their post-assessment debrief Molly's Network highlights the areas that have prevented them from reaching Accreditation, and support them to plan how they might address these areas.  Once these organisations can demonstrate to the Assessment Panel with the necessary evidence that they have met their outstanding criteria, the Assessment Panel will decide if they are happy to reclassify them as 'Accredited'.

We are happy to provide a reference for these organisations and further information on our experience working with them.  (Find out what characteristics Accredited Members have here).

Wake Up and Support Others Organisation (WASO)

Initial Assessment: November 2016

Location: Dar es Salaam

WASO is an NGO that acts to guide and support access to friendly health services. The organisation primarily focuses on key and vulnerable populations’ rights to access health services. Initially, the organisation started operations as a Community Based Organisation in 2009 and thereafter was registered in 2015 as an NGO.  

WASO is headquartered in Dar es Salaam with a branch in Tunduma, Mbeya. The organisation’s commitment is to promote, support and advocate for dignity and the rights to access health services for all human beings irrespective of gender, age and or sexual orientation. The main target groups for the advocacy include key and vulnerable populations (KVPs) so as to have all forms of stigma and discrimination eliminated.

WASO has successfully partnered with USAID, JHIPIEGO and Elton John’s Foundation to run different projects including the SAUTI project which focuses on the provision of bio medical services, as well as the provision of social behaviour change and communication for KVPs.

Enhancing Access to Health for Poverty Reduction in Tanzania (EAHP)

Initial Assessment : November 2016

Location: Mwanza

EAHP envisions Tanzania with empowered communities: women and girls, men and boys with the full potential to access health as a public commodity. EAHP would like to create enabling policies and a supportive environment to improve equity in access to quality health services. Its aim is to see the health of disadvantaged communities and people living in hard to reach places be protected; this is to facilitate improved livelihoods leading to poverty reduction at the individual, household and community level.

The idea originated when Ms Edna Kingazi Matasha, a Tanzanian State Registered Midwife was doing her Masters studies in 1999 and started by establishing nursing homes to offer Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health services and community referral support in Mwanza city. With founder member contributions and community mobilization, EAHP has successfully implemented Msichana Amka "Girls Awake" and “Haki Afya” projects and has partnered with the Mkapa Foundation to implement an integrated community based HIV/AIDS project in Shinyanga and Kagera.